Supervisor of Instruction

The program is designed to meet Level 1 and Level II principal certification requirements while candidates earn a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership Studies.  The program of studies consists of 45 credit hours of approved graduate-level coursework, including the 33 credit-hours of principal certification and leadership courses and 12 hours of research courses to support scholar-practitioner research to help address key issues in their respective schools and districts. Clinical experiences are expressly designed to support candidates as transformational leaders who can successfully facilitate the implementation of high quality practices in diverse school settings.  Candidates will participate as a member of a cohort to support their academic success, as well as professional relationships.

The principal preparation program requires successful completion of 45 credit hours of post-master’s graduate coursework. The 45 credit hours include coursework in educational leadership and principal specialization and research methods.  In addition to courses described, a minimum of 4 credit hours of post-qualifying examination coursework in EDL 767, Dissertation Residency Credit, are spread over two academic semesters. Upon admission to the Ed.D. program, each candidate is assigned an advisor. The candidate must meet with her or his advisor during the first semester to develop a curriculum contract that is reviewed annually as part of the continuous assessment plan.   

Leadership and Principal Core.  A total of 33 credit hours constitute the leadership and principal core. Most courses in this area include approximately 60 clock hours of required clinical practice during which candidates observe, participate in, or lead school-based activities.  Required courses:

  • EDL 702, Leadership for Organizational Learning
  • EDL 703, Leading Organizational Change
  • EDL 704, Politics of Educational Leadership
  • EDL 706, Leadership for Learning-Centered Schools I
  • EDL 707, Leadership for Learning-Centered Schools Ii
  • EDL 625, School Safety and Discipline Leadership
  • EDL 627, School Finance and Support Services
  • EDL 628, School Law and Ethics
  • EDL 634, Securing and Developing Staff
  • EDL 646, Leadership for School-Family-Community Engagement
  • EDL 661, School Technology Leadership

Research methodology core. A total of 12 credit hours constitute the research methods core. Successful completion of a graduate-level basic statistics course is a prerequisite for admission to the program to assure candidates have background knowledge to analyze P-12 school and student data the first semester of program. 

  • EDL 751, Foundations of Inquiry
  • EDL 771, Seminar in Quantitative Methods
  • EDL 771, Seminar in Qualitative Methods