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January Technology Committee Minutes

Friday, January 23, 2009, 11:00-12:00, 151F Taylor Education Building


Members Present: Ellen Usher, Justin Bathon, Steve Parker, Nancye McCrary, Margaret Bausch, Eric Reed, Terry Edin, Debroah Slaton (ex-officio), Terry Edin (ex-officio), Susan Daole (ex-officio), Brad Duncan (ex-officio), Stu Reedy (ex-officio).

Guests: Bob Singleton, Bill Stillwell, Lee Ann Jung


  1. November meeting minutes were approved.


  1. Report on Alumni Director's concerns with technology presence
    Justin reported on concerns of Mary Ann Vimont, Alumni Director for the College that our web presence lagged behind that of our benchmark institutions and that she would like to put a better face forward for alumni purposes. Members of the technology committee expressed thanks for the input on the site and agreed with many of Mary Ann's concerns.


  1. Web Redesign Status Report

    • Scope of the content and structural redesign:
      Ellen and Justin presented on the scope of the both the content and structural redesigns. Ellen showed the amount of files currently on the COE webserver with Fizezilla. Justin reported on the scope of the structural redesign and talked about distributed responsibility opportunities with different structural systems.

    • Content Management Systems (CMS)
      Justin and Stu reported on the use of Drupal, a Content Management System. They also reported on the trial of other content management systems, including Joomla, which were            discarded before settling on Drupal. They talked about the flexibility of Drupal with the blocks elements and the outside modules that can be added onto the framework.

    • Distribution of effort problem:
      A discussion centered around the implementation of the website design. Many technology committee members expressed concerns about time, effort and compensation of individuals responsible for upgrading the website. Suggestions were made that faculty have some responsibility for website upkeep as they are the individuals most responsible and knowledgeable on the necessary content. Dean Slaton suggested that members of the technology committee meet with the Administrative Council to both present the current progress and to begin the discussion around the distribution of effort to complete the new site. Justin and Ellen volunteered to meet with the Administrative Council.


  1. Professional development: Spring technology seminars

In following up on earlier technology committee recommendations about knowledge distribution throughout the college, the technology committee discussed the possibilities of having holding seminars to allow faculty to share their expertise. Lee Ann Jung consulted the Technology Committee about her work with Web 2.0 technologies, and it was decided that such a seminar with Lee Ann and possibly other presenters would be a good way to start the knowledge distribution. Margaret Bausch and Nancye McCrary volunteered to lead this effort.

Next Meeting: The next meeting was scheduled for Feb. 27 at 11 am.