Master of Education (M.Ed.) or Specialist in Education (Ed.S.) in Educational Leadership with Emphasis on School Technology Leadership

These online degree programs in School Technology Leadership (33 credit hours) are designed to prepare educational leaders who can lead school systems into a digital, global future. By mixing a deep foundation in leadership for education reform with the best technological knowledge and tools available to schools, graduates of this program are prepared to take on the challenge of changing our industrial, analog schools into Information Age learning centers.

Key Features

  • 100% online courses. No campus vists.
  • Globally-oriented program, students will interact with others from across the globe.
  • Can be completed in 2 years.
  • Students also obtain the Graduate Certificate in addition to the degree.
  • Based on the internationally-recognized NETS-A standards.
  • Students may take two elective courses.
  • All students qualify for in-state (Graduate Resident) tuition (currently around $525 per credit hour)

Program Overview

The program of study for this option has two essential elements: (1) core curriculum focused on school administration, and (2) program major emphasis area focused on school technology leadership.

Core Curriculum (21 credit hours)

All students admitted to the M.Ed. / Ed.S. option in School Technology Leadership must take the Department’s core curriculum for the M.Ed. program regardless of previous educational preparation, professional experience, or future career plans. This core curriculum includes the following courses:

  • EDL 601, Introduction to School Leadership and Administration (3 hours)
  • EDL 610, EDL 611, EDL 612: School Leadership Practicum I, II, III (3 hours)
  • EDL 646, Leadership for Schools - Community Relations (3 hours)
  • EDL 650, School Program Improvement (3 hours)
  • EDL 669, Leadership for School Problem Solving (3 hours)
  • 2 electives, where at least one must be from the following list of courses (6 hours)
    • EDC 543, Digital Game-Based Learning and Instruction (3 hours)(online)
    • EDC 575, Knowledge Management and Technology (3 hours)(face-to-face)
    • EDC 548, Instructional Technology Leadership (3 hours)(online)
    • EDC 607, Instructional Design (3 hours)(online)
    • EDS 648, Coordinating Assistive Technology Education Programs (3 hours)(Spring, Online)
    • EDP 614, Motivation and Learning (3 hours)

Program Major Emphasis (12 credit hours)

All students must take the four courses listed below that constitute the program major emphasis. These four courses, plus EDL 650 (listed above), are required for individuals seeking the Graduate Certificate in School Technology Leadership.

  • EDL 661, School Technology Leadership (3 hours)
  • EDL 662, Digital Age Learning and Technology Leadership (3 hours)
  • EDL 664, Technology Leadership for School Improvement (3 hours)
  • EDL 665, School Technology Leadership for Digital Citizenship (3 hours)


Program Exit Requirements

  • Completion of all required and elective courses;
  • A cumulative grade point average of no less than 3.0 on a 4.0 scale; and
  • Submission of a written examination graded by a three-member committee composed of tenure-track faculty in the Department of Educational Leadership Studies or appropriate graduate faculty for other colleges.

Contact Information

Dr. John Nash, Program Chair