Principal Schedule

Level I (21 credit hours) (M.Ed. or Ed.S.)

Course Course Title Hours
EDL 601 Introduction to School Leadership and Administration 3
EDL 625 School Safety and Discipline Leadership 3
EDL 627 School Finance and Support Services 3
EDL 628 School Law and Ethics 3
EDL 634 Leadership for Human Resource Development in Schools 3
EDS 613 Legal & Parental Issues in Special Education 3
EDL 610-612 School Leadership Practicum (1 credit hour per semester) 3

Level I Total Credit Hours 21

 Level II (12 credit hours)

Course Course Title Hours
EDL 646 Leadership for School-Community Relations 3
EDL 650 Leadership for School Program Improvement 3
EDL 669 Leadership for School Problem Solving 3

One elective course selected from the following
or other elective approved by advisor

EDC 724 Guiding and Analyzing Effective Teaching 3
EDC 732 Principles of Curriculum Construction 3
EDC 616 The Middle School 3
EDC 712 The Elementary School 3
EDC 714 The Secondary School 3

Level II Total Credit Hours: 12

 Program Exit Requirements

  • Completion of all required and elective courses,

  • A cumulative grade point average of no less than 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, and

  • Submission of a Level II portfolio approved by faculty in the Department of Educational Leadership Studies, and

  • For degree candidates, successful defense of portfolio during oral examination conducted by three-member committee composed of tenure-track faculty in the Department of Educational Leadership Studies or appropriate graduate-faculty for other UK college.