The Department of Educational Leadership Studies has many partners locally in the Bluegrass, across the Commonwealth, across the country and across the world. This page lists many of these partners and a little information about each of our partnerships. If you would like to know more about any of these partnerships, don't hesitate to drop us a line.


Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education

CASTLE is the nation's only center dedicated to the technology needs of school administrators. In addition to supporting school technology leadership graduate instruction, it also helps other university educational leadership programs prepare technology-savvy school leaders and provides numerous resources for K-12 administrators and the faculty that prepare them. CASTLE is jointly housed at Iowa State University and the University of Kentucky.

Central Kentucky Educational Cooperative

The Department of Leadership Studies teams with CKEC to provide leadership training and professional development to educators in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky. We are also proud to have CKEC located in Dickey Hall at the College of Education.


 International Symposium on Educational Reform

The purpose of ISER is to provide venues for university graduate students, educators, professors, practioners, and policymakers to examine a wide array of common issues associated with educational reform includin the rol of leadersin in improving schools and student learning, teacher and studetn leadership, teacher quality, technology leadership as well as organizational and systems change. This group was instrumental in facilitating their respective international research universities bi-lateral Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) among themselves including: the University of Kentucky (USA), East China Normal University (National Training Center for Secondary School Principals, Shanghai, China), the University of Jyvvaskyla (Finland), the University of Pretoria (Republic of South Africa), and Universidad de San Francisco Quito (Equador) to facilitate collaborative research and advanced graduate studies.

Institute of Educational Leadership

The Institute of Educational Leadership is a partnership between universities on four continents spearheaded in part by Dr. Lars Björk. Based out of the University of Jyväskylä in Finland the Institute trains educational leaders across the world and sponsors a yearly conference, of which Lexington is typically the host every four years.


Kentucky Center for School Safety

The Kentucky Center for School Safety is designed to address the issue of school safety.The collaborative partnership brings together a dynamic blend of experience and expertise in project management and the provision of training and technical assistance to education, human services and justice professionals, teacher preparation, applied research, electronic communication, and school and community needs assessment.

Kentucky Early Childhood Data System

The Kentucky Early Childhood Data System (KEDS) is designed to provide a data system that will allow teachers and providers at the local level to implement high quality curriculum-based assessments that inform instructional and classroom practices yet provide data at the regional/district and state level on the extent to which children are meeting the Kentucky Early Childhood Standards and OSEP Child Outcomes.


National Early Childhood Transition Center

NECTC is a multi-university partnership housed at the University of Kentucky's Human Development Institute under the direction of Dr. Beth Rous. The National Early Childhood Transition Center's mission is to examine factors that promote successful transitions between infant/toddler programs, preschool programs, and public school programs for young children with disabilities and their families. The primary objective of NECTC is to investigate and validate practices and strategies that enhance the early childhood transition process and support positive school outcomes for children with disabilities.


University Council for Educational Administration

The Department of Educational Leadership Studies is a proud institutional member of UCEA. UCEA is a professional organization consisting of mostly Research I universities whose mission is to advance the preparation and practice of educational leaders for the benfit of children, schools and society.