Admission Requirements
  • Cumulative 3.00 or higher GPA on a 4.0 scale on all previous postsecondary coursework,
  • Successful completion of the Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) or other formal induction process that evaluated applicant's performance as a classroom teacher,
  • Three years of successful full-time teaching in P-12 classroom,
  • Two writing samples of which one documents applicant's attributes as a highly effective teacher,
  • Recommendations including one by principal, superintendent, or other supervisor who can attest to applicant's success as a classroom teacher and leadership potential,
  • Positive recommendation for admission from the UK Department of Educational Leadership Studies, and
  • Admission to the UK Graduate School .

Exit Requirement

Candidates must complete the following requirements before exiting the program. This includea a presentation of an electronic portfolio that contains the following elements:

  • Results of three self-assessments of the professional standards completed upon admission, at program midpoint, and near program completion (evidence of candidate's understanding and utilization of professional standards over time),
  • Original resume and professional growth plan prepared during first semester and revisions of both completed during last semester (evidence candidate's development as teacher leader over time),
  • Three Observations in Diverse Classrooms conducted while enrolled in ELS 600 (evidence of candidate's examination of P12 student achievement in diverse settings),
  • Six examples of candidate's work completed at different times throughout the program introduced by artifact coversheets that explain (a) what learning objectives guided creation of the artifact, (b) how the artifact links with selected professional standards or candidate's specific learning needs, (c) who contributed to its creations, (d) when it was created, and (e) other pertinent details (evidence of candidate's development as highly effective teacher over time),
  • At least one Practicum in Diverse Classroom conducted while enrolled in ELS 624 (evidence of candidate's direct engagement with diverse student populations),
  • Teacher Leadership Project conducted over duration of the program (capstone project that evidences candidate's ability to examine P12 student achievement in diverse settings and candidate's instructional effectiveness),
  • Action Research Project completed while enrolled in ELS 620, Leading Action Research for School Renewal I and ELS 621, Leading Action Research for School Renewal II (capstone project that evidences candidate's ability to conduct disciplined inquiry that impacts student learning),
  • Practicum Log developed while enrolled in ELS 624 Leadership Practicum: Monitoring Learning, Assessment, and Accountability and the host principal's evaluation of candidate's performance (evidence of candidate's engagement in schoolwide instructional leadership and development as teacher leader near program close), and

Successful defense of capstone project selected by candidate duringa formal oral examination conducted by a three-member committee of graduate faculty approved by the dean of the UK Graduate School. Each committee must include at least one tenure-track member of the EDL faculty. Because the oral defense of a capstone project also serves as the oral examination for award of the MEd or EdS degree, P12 practitioners may participate only as ex officio, non-voting members of the committees.