Kentucky Principals Featured on KET

Don’t miss a great opportunity to learn about more about school leadership through the lens of practicing leaders! On Tuesday, September 15, KET1 (Cable Channel 12) is airing two related programs on school leadership. These promise to be stimulating pieces on lessons learned from school principals.  
  • The first program, Kentucky Principals, Leading by Example, is scheduled from 9-10 p.m. It includes vignettes of Kentucky principals, sharing their stories of their work as academic leaders in their buildings, as well as a related panel discussion with Kentucky educators.
  • The second program, The Principal Story, immediately follows the first, airing from 10-11 p.m. This piece was produced by the PBS program, “Point of View.” The Principal Story documents a year in the lives of two school principals, sharing what it takes to successfully lead their schools by focusing on continuous improvement.
For more information, please visit You’ll also find many more resources for Kentucky educators via the website.