International Students

International students are attracted to the Department of Educational Leadership studies because of its standing in the field and the opportunity to work with nationally and internationally recognized scholars. EDL provides an opportunity for students to participate in on-going research and development projects that make their learning an exceptional experience. Faculty are committed to providing all students with opportunities to engage in a full range of scholarly work that supports achieving their long-term, professional goals. It should be noted that international graduate students that want to be in residence on campus during the academic year will be required to apply for admission and a United States Student Visa. Those wishing to enroll in EDL’s distance learning program will only be required to complete the University of Kentucky and the EDL applications for admission. Please contact the Director of Graduate Studies about the international student admissions process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are applicants required to have experience as an educational leader to study educational leadership at the PhD level?
    • Experience as a leader in an educational enterprise, such as primary, middle or secondary schooling is preferred. Applicants interested in higher education administration who have had leadership or administrative experience are preferred.
  • Are applicants required to hold a masters degree in the same major to be admitted?
    • No, however your background and experiences should be a logical fit for the program.
  • Does our department accept international students in our program?
    • Yes.
  • Does our department offer conditional admission for doctoral students?
    • Conditional admission is offered only on a case by case basis.
  • How many doctoral students join our program each year?
    • Over the few two years we have admitted approximately 10-15 doctoral student per year.
  • When can applicants begin an application?
  • How long is the admission process once an applicant completes their application?