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Graduate Student Handbook

Click here to view our handbook, which presents valuable information about your program of study in the Department of Educational Leadership Studies.

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Social Media and News

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You should sign up for the following listservs

  • Graduate School Listserv
  • Department Listservs
    • There are also several listservs that are program specific. “EDLDOCTORAL” is for doc students. “EDLMED” is for masters and education specialist, and “EDLTEACHLEAD” is for those in the teacher leadership program.
    • You can sign up for these at

Navigating the University

Are You a New Student This Fall?

Visit this page first for course advice and to download a copy of your program plan. 

Your Online ID and Free Software

The Academic Calendar

It's the student's responsibility to know all deadlines for their program. Bookmark the official University of Kentucky Academic Calendar now.

The University Library System

College of Education Library home page

Emailing Professors and Advisors

You'll be spending a lot of time with your professors, your advisor, and the Director of Graduate Studies, much of it on email. Sometimes it's easy to forget how the little things can make a big impression -- in the wrong direction.

Financial Support

Educational Leadership Presentation Scholarship

Click here to learn more about Department Presentation Scholarship

Current Educational Leadership Studies Assistantships

When available, departmental teaching assistantships and research assistantships will be listed here.

Unfortunately, none are available at this time. Be sure to visit the College of Education Graduate Student Support page to check for other opportunities that may exist.

College of Education Graduate Student Support

  • Links to scholarships, assistantships and fellowships, job opportunities, tuition waivers for cooperating teachers, and professional travel support.
  • Tuition Waivers for Career and Tech Teachers
    • Do you believe you qualify for a tuition waiver for career and tech teachers which entitles you to 6 credit per semester at any state institution? Students who qualify should complete the Non UK EEP form, which can be downloaded here [PDF] 
  • Funding is available for travel. The application deadline the 15th of every month.

University of Kentucky Graduate School

Navigating Your Graduate School Experience

Resources for Research and Learning

Resources for the Dissertation

Recommended books and guides for advice on proposing and writing your dissertation

Incredibly Important Forms

Thinking About Taking a Leave of Absence?

Effective fall 2009, if you are an enrolled graduate student at the University of Kentucky and you sit out for one or more semesters you will need to complete a new application and pay the application fee in order to be considered for readmission. In many instances you can avoid this requirement by requesting a “leave of absence”. In addition to avoiding the application process, this status will allow you to priority register in preparation for your return.

Procedurally, you should contact your Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) to seek approval for the leave prior to the beginning of the semester in question*.

  • Ed.D. and Ed.S. and M.Ed. and Graduate Certificate students contact Dr. John Nash.
  • Ph.D. students contact Dr. Rob Shapiro.

If approved, the DGS will contact your Graduate School admissions officer who will modify your record accordingly. IMPORTANT: You may request no more than two consecutive and four total semesters in leave of absence status. Post-qualifying doctoral students are not eligible for the leave of absence.

International students considering a leave of absence are strongly encouraged to discuss their plans with the UK International Center (formerly the Office of International Affairs), Department of Immigration Services prior to making a formal request.

*Post baccalaureate students who need to request a leave of absence should contact their admissions officer directly.


As we like to say around here, "You have to apply to get in, and you have to apply to get out."

To graduate from the university you may have to do up to three separate things. Be aware of what applies to your situation:

  • Schedule your oral examination.
  • Apply for your degree.
  • Register to "walk" at graduation.

Distance Learning Resources

Adobe Connect Weekly Training

Regular training sessions are offered for students to familiarize themselves with Adobe Connect once a week. These training sessions are held online via Adobe Connect for a more hands on approach and students should feel free to visit these sessions any time during the two hour block to tailor their training needs. Click here to learn more.

Headsets for Video and Audio Conferences Online; Distance Learning Sessions

Preferences on headsets are as myriad as there are people and devices. Here are a few you might consider.

  • On The Go
    • Cell Phone/iPad: For mobile telephones with a headphone jack, or for an iPad, the JLab Diego In-Ear Earbud headphones with Universal Mic are good quality for the money. The microphone also works on the single headphone/mic jack on the Macbook Air.  
  • Desktop USB Headsets
    • Wireless Headset: For your desktop computer, the Logitech Wireless Headset (H760) With Behind-the-head Design is a good choice, with good quality sound and the convenience of being wireless. They are a little pricey compared to other models, however Professors Richardson and Nash have these and can recommend them.
    • Wired Headset: The Logitech ClearChat Comfort/USB Headset (H390), are more budget-minded.