As a public, non-profit entity (and all as former teachers ourselves) we are good at stretching the dollars that we do receive from legislative appropriations, student tuition and outside grants and contracts. But, there are limits to what can be accomplished on shoestring budgets. Thus, we are always extremely receptive and eternally grateful for any additional support that our alumni and friends can provide. We think we are a great social investment

The easiest way to give is through UK's online donation site. In the site, be sure to specify which unit to whom you would prefer to give the gift, whether that be broadly to the College of Education or specifically to the Leadership Department (choose "Administration and Supervision Development Fund" when choosing a specific unit within the Education options). 

If you are considering a more complex gift or you have questions about giving, including tax implications, our development staff are more than happy to answer any questions or assist you in any way. Jeff Franscisco is our outstanding development director who regularly works with generous people such as yourself. Also, feel free to just contact any of the Leadership faculty to begin the conversation.

Thank you so deeply for considering supporting our work with educational leaders throughout Kentucky. We can and do make a difference for kids and with your support we can generate broad, systemic improvements in our learning system.